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a new website kept up to date = Employee of the Month

"Easiest website editing software EVER!"

– South Carolina Solar Council

"Yesterday I sent out the link to my amazing new site, and the feedback has been incredible. I am sending you just one example of the responses that are flooding in from throughout the country. Analesa is an artist herself, so I know her comment is a reflection of her own awareness as well as her personal process in creating her own site. Others have used words like striking, beautiful, radiant, goose bumps and many more expressions of delight. With gratitude for your patience, persistence, and creative genius!"

–Michele Tamaren, Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Director & Life Coach

"Thank you again for putting together such a beautiful website. I just love how it turned out! I am so appreciative of how you created it so thoughtfully, wonderfully and quickly. Truly, it was more than I could have hoped for."

–Ellen Frankel, Author

"One of the most caring, yet professional organizations I have come across particularly as a non -profit business owner....they really seek to work with you, do not condescend, give clear feedback and prompt replies and easy to follow tips. The software is especially user-friendly and effective! I highly recommend them even if you've never requested help to design your new website!"

–Laura Wilhelm, Director, Collaborative Artworks, Inc

"My new site is really great and I am getting very positive feedback. Dilly (Daniel Hillinger) is brilliant."

–Dale Klein, Painter/Artist

My job is to help grow your bottom line and get your message out!

I design compelling custom websites and incorporate business technology developed specifically for small organizations. My tools and designs are people-focused and easy for non-techies to use all while getting your message out with a design you love.

I provide a direct service to: Small Businesses, Non-Profits, Start-Ups, Bloggers, Musicians, Crafters...any and all!

I love my clients and hope it shows in the work and customer care I give. My client care might not be 24/7 but it IS a number one priority to help out in any way possible or reasonable and make my clients blissful.

Every website I design is planned for today and tomorrow so it can evolve with your organization's changes. Bonus when you use my CMS (content management system) you keep control of your content!

I will personally train you how to go in and change text, swap out old photos, everything you used to have to hire a webmaster to do for you. Even if you don't want to touch the site and are scared to break it (which, not to scare you, has happened) we offer affordable Maintenance Plans. Many of my clientele are non-technical users.

With an attentive eye to detail, what is in the client's best interests? I ask about the following criteria when doing a customized site from scratch or a general overhaul and redo of a current site.

I have found through experience that even asking yourself these questions can lead you in the right direction:
  • Reason/Purpose For Site?

  • Who is this site for ultimately? What is your targeted audience?

  • Overall style: Business, traditional, outside the box?

  • Overall feel: Attention grabbing, inviting, utilitarian?

  • Overall functionality? What is it you want your site to do? ie: Have forms to download?

  • Logo?

  • Color Scheme: Palette in place? We can grab most of it from any printed materials you may have had done.

  • Color Feel: Cool, warm, neutral?

  • Colored/watermark background VS white

  • Font for Site Skin (Design)

  • Font for Site Body (Content)

  • E-Commerce?

  • Communication: What is your site saying to its viewers?

  • Blog? I know many of you have social media, but you may want to up your game and use the social media instead to drive traffic to your site.

I go through these in more detail on our Sanity Check section.