Content Development

Content is Still King

People come to your website for multiple reasons: to get information, to transact business, to be entertained. It depends on your organization, but in all cases, site visitors want what they want without having to work to get it.

What you say on your site with words, graphics, and video should clearly communicate your message and quickly inform visitors why they should engage with you.

At Busted Abraham, I help you hone your message and tailor it for your organization. What you do, for example, is less compelling to site visitors than the benefits you deliver to them. That is not always easy to explain.

For example, I do websites, but more importantly the benefit I deliver is that I create websites that work for my clients. I take the agony out of designing them by figuring out what to say and how to say it.

I also understand that content evolves. I plan right from the start what information is expected to change over time and design the site to easily accommodate future changes.

Words Matter

Yes, it’s paraphrasing some elected officials, but there is no better way to say it. What and how you say something profoundly influences how well ideas are conveyed and received.

Adding to the challenge of finding the right words, writing for websites is different than writing in a document or presentation.

  • Thoughts and sentences need to be concise.
  • Headlines must speak volumes in few words.
  • Paragraphs must be short with far more white space than needed for print.
  • Repetition, unlike in a brochure where people read in a predictable order, is good.

I help clients refine and translate those messages into strong and effective communication that pull the eye and  speak to their visitors.


People have been telling stories and speaking through images and art since cave men (and women) walked the earth. Images in fact can be far more powerful than words.

I work with clients to insure that art and images reinforce the information clients want to convey. Web art and graphics should do far more than add color and at Busted Abraham, I understand just how potent good graphics can be. I prefer for my stock photos.