Mobile aka dot mobi aka for Smart Phones and Small Tablets

Busted Abraham websites work well on smart phones and tablets, and I’m constantly evaluating technology trends and user preferences to stay on top of the constant changes. I offer .mobi designs for $300 flat. Period. I would take your current site design and mirror it to keep the branding consistent.

I work with technologies that display on all modern smart phones and tablets. I’m monitoring how fast smart phones are becoming as robust as computer browsers.

Some businesses create totally separate websites ( designed exclusively to work on smart phones while we design sites that work well on all three platforms: computers, tablets and smart phones.

There is a strong argument to make a special .mobi site for your site to look and feel differently on a smart phone. Most mobile sites I have designed have big honking buttons on the landing page, have very little imagery and the content is boiled down to brass tacks.

There is growing evidence that as tablets and phones get more robust, we are spending less time on our computers.

Your online strategy is a moving target given the rapid pace of technology and user behavior changes.

People finding your website on social media for example. They click over to see it and get a small version of your big site, which is often hard to navigate and read. Which is bad. Not good at allBusted Abraham partners with you to help find the best, most cost and time effective ways to reach your target audiences with your brand new state of the art marketing tool.