“For goodness sake, shave that beard! It’s disgusting! It makes you look like Lincoln. Except uglier. You’re a busted Abraham!

And from my mother’s lips a dream was born...

A dream involving updated websites and silly beards, happy clients and revenue/donation streams, nons and fors: all in together now.

My passion for helping small businesses and non profit organizations was discovered and I love what I do and who I do it for.

At Busted Abraham I treat your business like it were my own, as if I, alone, are solely responsible for the welfare of your organization, I’m putting it on my back so to speak, and giving you a marketing tool that will make your organization blossom and grow.

The only thing I hold higher than giving stunning designs and reliable service is my client care. I love my clients, struggling small biz clients, admirable non-profit clients, opinionated blogging clients…

Relationships are everything, and in this world today even a little honor and respect go a long way. I both honor and respect your business, your wants and your needs.

I’m Daniel (“DILLY”) Hillinger, owner and head designer. Let me help you, today. No commitments. No BS.

Free Consult.