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Bands and musicians need to have a website that is attractive to visitors and provides all of the necessary information that fans will want to find. There are a zillion different ways for bands to get themselves a free site of one kind or another. They serve a purpose, but in the end you get what you put into something, and sometimes that means spending money to make it and conversely getting nothing out of nothing. It’s ultimately up to you to make a reputation with some real online presence and give yourself the ultimate cred of having your own dot com, and not a bandcamp page that every teenager can make freely.

Most band websites will have some things in common. Of course, they’ll usually include some prominent photos of the artist or band and they will probably include a bio, tour dates, a shop to buy or download music, usually some song samples, possibly a blog.

Most band websites use large photos, full-screen backgrounds, big textured backgrounds, and other elements, like color, that make a strong visual impact on visitors. Of course there are some that are a little more subtle and clean in the design style. Everyone is different like a snowflake.

Those with dreams of having an online magazine/fanzine (“ZINE”) can also benefit from this sort of design approach. I work with one gentleman who runs a record distribution business out of his house and he has found success in using the platform I build sites on. Before the site it was all word of mouth and printed catalogs. Try getting those into an eager Ukrainian customer!