A great website is one of the best tools available to non-profit organizations.

For Non-Profit Organizations: Let your website do the work and be employee of the year!

Non-profits can leverage their websites to:

  • improve services to constituents

  • reduce paper and snail mail costs by having PDFs available for download

  • increase communication to members and the public

  • provide large amounts of information effectively and inexpensively

  • raise donations and inform grant providers about their organization

  • provide information to the press

I Know (and love) Non Profits

I have access to features created especially to be helpful to non profits, such as a donations page (PayPal compatible), iCalendar to publicize events and security that lets numerous employees and volunteers maintain specific portions of the site.

I have years of experience working closely with non-profit organizations, and their respective boards, to tailor their website and maximize their online presence, create urgency and drive donations and/or spread their word for important events.

My tools all work to maximize your site’s effectiveness.

And, just as I provide strategic consulting on website strategy to our business clients, I do the same for non-profits.