They say there is something in the water here


But if you own and operate your business/non-profit/blog etc in the Cape Ann area, I will give you a 10% flat discount.

Please mention the promotion(s) to me after we speak about your new site and I’ve already given you a quote in writing. You can be sure its not a vapor discount.

I also give Cape Ann Chamber members a 15% flat discount and existing BrightWork clients (you know who you are) 10% flat discount on a redesign.

Senior citizens and/or currently enrolled students get 5% flat discount on design fees.

These offers are indefinite!

All of these discounts may be combined together up to 25% off! The only exception is the Chamber/Cape Ann choice, it’s a given you live here and its built into the discount already.

Contact me today regarding my referral program and barter system.